About us

Today it is impossible to imagine the World without such critically important technologies as data transmission, navigation, industrial automation, transport, energy, data centers, power distribution networks, etc. These are technologies that people depend on every day. And behind the stable operation of these technologies and services are reliable and high-quality connectors.

Quanwei strives to improve the quality of people's lives by designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art highly reliable connectors that are used in all critical industries.

We offer our customers connectors for both the aerospace industry and the development of industry and telecommunications networks. Thanks to the availability of full-cycle production facilities, we can ensure reliable and long-term supply of products at stable prices, and our own engineering center and competencies in the field of connector development, we offer our customers unique and effective solutions that best solve their tasks.

Quanwei firmly adheres to the principles of "continuous development" and "customer focus", which gives confidence and a guarantee of reliable relationships today and in the future.

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