DC533 Hermetic version (EN2997/M83723 Hermetic version)

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Key features:
  • sealed design
  • glass insulator
  • maximum operating temperature up to 260°C
  • high vibration resistance: 5 Hz to 2000 Hz at 1 g²/Hz
  • salt fog exposure up to 500 hours
  • various combinations of inserts
  • mutually articulated and interchangeable with connectors from other manufacturers in the EN2997/M83723 standard
  • modification for fuel tanks

The Quanwei DC533 Hermetic version connector series is an advanced connector designed to withstand pressure differential, high vibration, electromagnetic interference and high temperatures.
The presence of a self-locking mechanism and fine threads ensures a reliable joint, and the heat-resistant materials in the connector make it possible to withstand high temperatures even in the event of an engine fire.
Various types of contacts are available, low frequency for signal transmission and power contacts for electrical power transmission.

  • Aviation (propulsion systems)
  • Critical pressure zones
  • Ground gas turbine units
  • Gas pumping units