DC600 (Arinc600 connector type)

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Key features:
  • ARINC600 compliant
  • full interchangeability and interoperability with ARINC600 connectors from other manufacturers
  • "blind joint"
  • low articulation force
  • modular design
  • 3 body sizes
  • protected, semi-protected and unprotected versions
  • various combinations of inserts are available for specific tasks
  • inserts available with signal, power, high frequency and high speed contacts
  • high contact density up to 800 size #22 contacts
  • various coverage options

ARINC 600 connectors are the recognized standard for aviation connectors. ARINC 600 is the successor to ARINC 404 and is used in the design and manufacture of avionics. ARINC 600 connectors are available in 3 body sizes, and thanks to the modular design, different inserts can be combined with different types of contacts, allowing you to find the optimal solution for a specific application.
Quanwei DC600 connectors comply with the ARINC600 standard and are fully compatible with similar connectors from other manufacturers

  • Avionics
  • Unmanned systems
  • Display and navigation blocks